Fiona Tatschl

Barbara Residenz



The Barbara Residenz are holiday apartments situated in a huge, historic building in Eisenerz. The building goes with a beautiful garden and an old ballroom. Despite Eisenerz and its surrounding nature is actually quite stunning, the city is not really a tourist destination. Creating an identity for such a situation was challenging, since the branding should not only be beneficial for the apartments, but also for the city itself. The goal was to provide a great experience for guests in offering them many little details and a lot of information to help them making the very best of their stay. But equally important the new identity should also create awareness for the beauty of Eisenerz.

In order to achieve this, several print products were created, including postcards, a guide about Eisenerz and it’s surroundings (featuring must sees, best of gastronomy and numerous opportunities for practicing sports), flyer, folder and some more. The apartments got a new identity in rusty red, combining elegant typography with simple, monochrome illustrations. Photography also plays an important part within the project, aiming to bring out all the little details of the apartments. 


Branding Project, 2019
Branding: Fiona Tatschl
Photography: Fiona Tatschl
Print: Druckerei Khil