Fiona Tatschl

Less is more


The more the better, isn’t it? Well, those days are gone and it’s time for a change! The animated poster series „Less is more“ shows five examples of less being actually more. More for the environment, more for every living being on this planet and also more for yourself. The posters deal with topics like overconsumption, our current „throw-away society“ and the immense pollution of our environment.

The language of the posters is simple, using only black and white typography to communicate what really matters. The posters are brought to life by using simple but distinct animations. Being part of the online exhibition „The Change Club“, which deals with very different environmental issues, the posters and some additional information can also be found on the website of the exhibition.


Branding Project, 2019
Branding: Fiona Tatschl
Photography: Fiona Tatschl
Print: Druckerei Khil